The Olde Cuban, fine tobacconist.
A good smoke is a journey well taken.

Let us entice you with some of the world’s most respected and undisputedly supreme cigars, the Havanas.

Each Havana is unique; as is the pleasure it gives its beholder. To truly appreciate a Havana, one must begin at the source. In the abundant fields of Cuba, the art of cigar crafting begins with the cultivation and harvesting of tobacco leaves. Each leave is individually selected and only the best are handcrafted into cigars by skilled local artisans, the torcedores. The quest for perfection is arduous and intricate but the combination of soil, climate and expertise in Cuba produces art that delivers pleasure beyond words.

Here at the Olde Cuban, our careful selection includes Habanos and other rare treats such as limited editions dating as far back as year 2000.

For any admirer of fine cigars, our shop affords a journey on its own.

A 19th century opium den for coolie traders, our conservation shophouse is now home to the country’s largest walk-in humidor. Indulge in cigars specially selected to suit your appetite in our elegantly furnished tasting room. Sink onto lush leather couches and compliment your smoke with premier whiskeys, wines and coffees from the bar. Revel in serenity as you watch the world go by on the streets below.

Welcome to the art of fine living.